Mind Matters: What To Look Out For With Regard To Memory Loss, Experts Advise

Alzheimer's disease

Problems with memory affect us all, but how and when can one determine if memory loss is normal forgetfulness versus diagnosable cognitive impairment?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, early clinical memory loss may only be apparent by a detailed test conducted by a neurologist. As time goes on, however, the signs can start to become more and more recognizable to others including close friends and loved ones.

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“The common warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease usually sneak up on people and rarely occur all at once,” says neuropsychiatrist Brian S. Appleby, MD, of Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in the Neurological Institute.

Here are some early warning signs to watch for, according to the experts:

  • Forgetting recent conversations
  • Repeating oneself or asking others to do so
  • Learning new things, such as using a new remote control, becomes more difficult and frustrating
  • Trouble finding words in conversation, like names of people or places

If symptoms appear or if you have concerns, experts say you should be proactive: don’t hesitate to get a memory assessment. Seek out a neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, geriatric psychiatrist or geriatrician. Specialists in memory disorders can be found in the Internet, or you can get a referral from your primary care physician. Your local Alzheimer’s Association is another good source.

Experts suggest the following:

  • Follow your heart. Think of everything you know to do to be “heart healthy,” such as not smoking or excessively drinking; keeping your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar under control; eating well; and exercising at least 30 minutes a day, three days or more a week.
  • Get your mind in gear. Boost your brain often by reading, playing board games, doing crossword puzzles — even video games can help.
  • Don’t become isolated. Schedule social engagements outside the home regularly. People who live more solitary lives are at increased risk of becoming forgetful, and those who have memory problems but remain social fare much better.

Bayview Villa provides those who live here with tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and independent both physically and mentally for as long as possible. We help older adults maintain their independence, safety, meaning-based entertainment, life enriching activity, transportation, tasty meals and much more. Our cozy-residence sits on a beautiful, Mediterranean-style villa property, and is set amid the elegant backdrop of the San Carlos hills.

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