Why Senior Care at Bayview Villa Is Different

Bayview Villa is an assisted living community providing the highest standard of senior care in a comfortable home setting. We take great pride in our non-institutional approach to senior care and our decades of experience in the field. Bayview Villa is widely respected as a pioneer in setting new standards of senior care with a focus on respecting the dignity and independence of all residents.

Bayview Villa was started in July, 2000 by Violet Loncar, RCFE with her husband Tony on the site of Many Oaks Assisted Living, a beautiful Mediterranean style Villa that was once the home of glamorous Hollywood starlet Yvonne de Carlo. Violet has more than 40 years of experience in the field of senior care and has previously owned three other assisted living facilities in California, in Chico, Burlingame and San Mateo. She combines a passion for respectful senior care with extensive experience providing that care.

Senior Care with Respect

At Bayview Villa, we believe it should be a given that all people are treated with respect and dignity, but we’re aware that isn’t always the case in senior care. But here, respect is not something we add to what we do; it is a fundamental. It is right at core of our philosophy and our everyday work.

Residents at Bayview Villa are not confined to segregated units, but enjoy the freedom to socialize with friends – other residents and visitors – and stroll the securely fenced, landscaped grounds. Our mission is to promote maximum independence and quality of life while providing senior care that sets the standard for the field. Residents are always welcome to chat with Bayview Villa’s on-site management team members, who have an open door policy.

The grounds at Bayview Villa are designed to provide safe and comfortable options for residents to enjoy the outdoors. The property is securely fenced off and features a private, gated walking trail as well as a courtyard. Inside, residents enjoy a spacious living room for visiting and relaxing. It boasts a grand piano and a library. This is the residents’ home, and it provides the comfortable and relaxing environment you would expect in any home – it does not have an institutional feeling.

Bayview Villa sets the standards in senior care, not only with a range of on-site treatments and amenities but also with our philosophy of complete respect for each individual resident.


Memory Care: Old Fashioned Compassion & Therapeutic Techniques

While some memory loss is a normal part of aging, if the memory loss goes beyond forgetting names and misplacing things and is compounded by an inability to complete basic, everyday tasks, it may be time to investigate memory care.

Memory care is designed to combine the latest therapeutic techniques with compassion in a comfortable, secure residential setting to promote the highest possible quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related dementia and memory loss. True memory care goes beyond simply offering a safe place to live and assistance with personal care and medications. True memory care involves a comprehensive and integrated team of professionals providing therapeutic programs and services to promote cognitive health.

Bayview Villa’s Exceptional Approach to Memory Care

Of course Bayview Villa provides a safe, secure and comfortable living environment with staff to ensure residents take necessary medications, have assistance as needed with dressing and bathing, and enjoy nutritious meals. But Bayview Villa sets the standard for memory care by offering more, such as:

  • Individualized care to meet each resident’s specific and ever changing needs
  • A multi-disciplinary team-based approach
  • Meaningful and engaging life enrichment activities
  • Family involvement and open communication
  • Integrated living to encourage and support social interaction
  • A wide range of on-site services from therapies to beauty services

Bayview Villa employs highly skilled and qualified professionals in fields including occupational therapy, vocational nursing and nutrition to offer a holistic approach to memory care for residents and meet all of their needs. Compassion and respect are the common qualities among all of our staff members, and we feel this is fundamental to residents’ quality of life.

At Bayview Villa, our holistic memory care comes in a setting that goes well beyond comfortable. Our spacious living room features a grand piano and library, and our landscaped gardens are safe and secure for residents. The courtyard includes a fountain and is a popular spot for residents to chat with each other and with visiting family members and other loved ones.

If you are concerned that it is becoming unsafe for a loved one to live without assistance due to age-related dementia and memory issues, please contact Bayview Villa today to learn more about our memory care services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about assisted living at Bayview Villa.